This day is all about you.

The Red Light Girls are a social network of women striving to release their many egos through modeling and sisterhood.  Red Light Girls empower themselves, each other and several others with a paramount of confidence! Without a doubt they shed the stigma of social media’s “ideal” model’s body. These hard working Red Light Girls put in their days work being; college students, corporate workers, city workers, government workers, small business workers, and self-employed. They are single moms, moms, wives, grandmas, girlfriends, fiancés, widows and single. They all are diverse with a different story to tell. Being a Red Light Girl enables these women to look through a fashion, retro, boudoir magazine and say, “I can be that woman”!

Thinking about it….. Here are some key things about the shoot.

   The sitting fee is $140.00 for non-private photos or $200.00 for private photos*. A $20.00 non refundable booking fee is collected the day you set a date, this fee is not applied to the sitting fee and is non refundable due to any changes or cancelations to your original booked date.

  • refund difference will not be applied to private sitting fees that switch the decision to non private after the shoot has taken place.  

   A model release is signed on the day of the shoot for both private and non private sessions. 

   You must be 18 years or older

   You do not need any experience in modeling.  I will help direct your poses; I am extremely hands on and will give lots of direction.  By the end of the shoot you will be so comfortable you will be coming up with your own poses.

   You will receive 5 edited images from the shoot in high and low resolution through email

   You will not see a proof sheet of your photos, the five final images are at my choice discretion and edited to my artistic vision

   Full set (5 images) can take up to two weeks to receive

   Clothing is provided by the model

   Hair and makeup is not included in the price

   A travel fee may be collected for anything outside of the Carmel (93923) or Monterey (93940) area. 

   I mainly photograph outdoors, however if you have an indoor location in mind I would have no problem photographing you there.  

   You will have to be accepting that you are creating art with me that I take vary passionately with every photo.  I tend to manipulate photos by adding my artistic visions and touches to the final product. Photos may be cropped body shots. You will notice that a majority of my photos are more voyeur over portrait.  I tend not to get close up face shots or direct face images. I may choose an image to be black and white or in color, I do not give out additional photos to see the image in a different color. I do not offer refunds or re-shoots. 

Once we book a date together, take the time in between to flip through magazines and the web to pull inspiration.

   Start pulling clothes from your closet, even costume clothes is good to throw in.  Make sure to throw in a bathrobe or something you can easily take on and off that will keep you warm.  Bring a good pair of tennis shoes; we tend to hike to some locations.

      The best jewelry would be chunky jewelry to pack.

        If your closet is empty, borrow some items from a friend, go to thrift shops and find something unique or splurge and buy a special something.  However the simplest of clothing works just as magically as an intricate outfit.

    If you plan on bringing company on the shoot please advised me in advance. 

   Plan on spending at least two hours with me.

    If you would like to be photographed outside the Carmel area please communicate with me in advance.

   The day of the shoot.  It’s never a requirement to have a scheduled hair and makeup artist doll you up before your shoot, but sometimes this pampering adds to the fun of the day and the look you’re trying to achieve. Don’t plan on your hair or makeup looking as divine as when you started by the end of the shoot, since most shots are done outside the weather may take a toll on your beautiful tresses.

   We usually meet at a coffee house in Carmel the day of the shoot at the time prior decided, we quickly look through your clothing and let our creativity flow and start heading to a location.

   At the end of the shoot, you will sign a model release. I will collect the payment at the end of the shoot. I usually am super excited to want to get home and start working on your photos, like a child on Christmas day waiting to open their presents.   

If you have a facebook I will add you to the group Red Light Girl page that is only for Red Light Girls.  I will be adding information about free Appreciation Shoots on the group page; I hope you can join as many as you can throughout the year.  If you do not have a facebook page I will also add it to the website except for the address, feel free to contact me or another Red Light Girl to obtain the address.  You can become as involved in the Red Light Girl group as much as you want, I would have to say it’s the best group of women around!!!

I want to book a shoot!