Positive Praise... by Michele

Every woman has a story, a journey and a road that they have walked in
order to become who they were destined to be. For me, that path
started out with hurdles and road blocks, I learned at an early age to
become self-reliant and critical. The harsh reality is that negativity
became the inner dialogue that I had with myself.  A young woman
should be given the gift of how to love and nurture herself. For me,
that lesson came later in life, yet has been more meaningful and

In the last couple of years, I've had the opportunity to make
friendships and bonds with women that have been a reflection of who I
truly am. Not the weak, meaningless woman that so many in my life
tried to say I was. One of those amazing friendships is with Brandalyn
and the Red Light Shoppe, which began in October, 2011. The first time
I was able to shoot with them, my eyes opened to who I was - the woman
on the inside finally mirrored the woman that was on the outside, the
one that everyone was able to see. The self-doubt, criticism and
depreciation stopped. For once, I felt good enough, loved myself and
celebrated the woman that I had become. In many ways, I owned all of
the fabulousness that I was. Not the negative talk from my childhood,
past relationships or marriage. I was given the gift of a network of
women, stitched together with empowerment and blazed with love, which
created a family. We have walked different paths in life, yet we all
came together as Red Light Girls and this resonates within each of us,
"You are beautiful. Know this. Anyone who tells you otherwise is
simply lying. You are beautiful." -- Steve Maraboli