Positive Praise...by Lucy

Growing up I never thought I was pretty. I was always overweight. My mom told me that I was a Vietnamese girl, and Vietnamese girls were suppose to look a certain way. In 2009 I met my boyfriend Chris who loved me the way I was. For our two year anniversary I wanted to take tasteful pictures for him. I found out about the Red Light Shoppe through one of my friends. I was really nervous and self conscious about the way I looked, but I booked the shoot. The team made me feel so comfortable. When the pictures were released, I was so pleased with the outcome! So many positive comments and "likes" it made me feel more confident about myself. My boyfriend loved the pictures too! Since then the Red Light Shoppe has boosted my confidence and taught me that we all don't have to look a certain way. I also have met a lot of the other models and have become good friends or sisters with them. Being a Red Light Girl is so much more than just modeling. It's promoting positive body image and it's a sisterhood. I am proud to be a Red Light Girl!! - RLG Lucy